Free Theatre in the Parks

Graphic Design: Helene McKelvey-McLaughlin

Coming to a park near you in July 2015:

by William Shakespeare
directed by Allen Radway

The season begins on a magical island where the wronged Prospero, a self-directed and self-taught Magus, and his daughter, Miranda, have been exiled by his usurping brother.  Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, has become ruler of this small island, forcing its inhabitants to do his bidding.  Directed by Allen Radway (director of CCTC’s 2012 OUR TOWN), this outdoor production will enchant audiences as it charts a journey of self-discovery and redemption—as Prospero lures those responsible for his exile to the lonely and remote island.  Featuring respected, veteran actor, David Howey (formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre) and a cast of 12, this production will make the journey from revenge to forgiveness impossible to forget.